EPM develops low cost ultra fine grained metals, nano-metals for structural applications

EPM has know-how and technical capability to produce a wide variety of high performance ultra fine grained nano-materials. 

Material Candidates:
  • Aluminum Alloys (including high Silicon)
  • Magnesium Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Copper Alloys Composites
EPM Material Advantages:
  • Increased strength 2.5X, hardness 3X and flow stress 8X
  • Reduced weight (through increasing strength of the light alloy replacements)
  • Maintain good ductility that combined with increased strength (Elongation 12 – 20%)
  • Improved fatigue and fracture toughness
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Improved physical properties - Low Temperature Brittleness, Magnetic Properties and
  • Good workability and formability
  • High strain rate / low temperature superplasticity
  • Thermal stability for most structural applications

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