EPM develops low cost ultra fine grained metals, nano-metals for structural applications
EPM’s Exceptional Position

Management Team
The founders and key managers of EPM have combined experiences exceeding 100 years in a variety of research, manufacturing, product design/development and service industries.

The strength of the EPM management team stems from the combined expertise in both management and technical areas. These well developed skills have produced outstanding results over the past 20 ~ 50 years, including many patents, application of new technologies in production, and successful new business start-ups.

Technical Advantages
Engineered Performance Materials has numerous significant and practical patents and patents pending for the processing of sub-micron and nano materials by severe plastic deformation (SPD). EPM’s Chief Technical Officer is Sc.D., Professor Vladimir Segal. Dr. V. Segal was the first to start this pioneering research on SPD more than 30 years ago. He is the inventor of ECAE, shear-extrusion process and other innovative techniques protected by more than 50 Invention Certificates of the USSR and 10 US Patents. He introduced the basic processing, design and application concepts. Even more important is his unique, hands-on-experience on the industrial implementation of the technology. Dr. V. Segal has produced intellectual property, know-how and production information on equipment, apparatus, tooling and processing of different materials, which are crucial for practice.

Technology developed by Dr. Segal has already been practically applied. In 1996, Honeywell Electronic Materials (formerly Johnson Matthey Electronics) licensed his patents on ECAE for the specific use in the fabrication of sputtering targets with superior properties. In 2000, this first commercialization of large-scale SPD was completed; products that today are the only sub-micron grained material available on the market.

These creative contributions, achievements, knowledge and multifarious experiences present exceptional opportunity for successful business on other applications of SPD with minimum financial risk.


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